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The Services I offer

Mobile Application Development

Mobile apps have already become an integral part of our every day lives, and I have made knowing how to build them the cornerstone of my career. I have extensive experience developing iOS, Android, and PhoneGap / Cordova applications. I can write in Objective-C, Swift, Java, and various JavaScript frameworks.

Web Development

Since the dawn of the internet age, websites have been a crucial part of our economy. It is now one of the primary ways to market ideas, products, and causes. Recognizing this, I made web development the second focus of my career. I have experience developing in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and JSON.

Written Works

One of my non-work related passions is writing. To date I have focused on writing clever limericks and rhyme's, but I hope in the future to devote some serious time to writing a novel.


Someday I may accidently help to invent Skynet, and I'm ok with that. Though personally I would prefer JARVIS. In any event, robotics is something I have dabbled in with a team from the University of Florida. I intend to return to that sphere soon and build some awesome bots.

Hello, I am Brock...

I'm a developer, aspiring author, and potential mad genius living in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Software development is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

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Objective C / Swift


Java / Android


React Native


HTML, CSS, JavaScript

The works I am proud of


Privately preview your photos before you post

Previewgrid aims to aid Instagram users who wish to establish and maintain a consistent, cohesive brand aesthetic. It allows users the ability to visualize their Insta feed prior to posting.

This application was developed as a native iOS app using Objective C

Operator Log

The Operator Log application is intended to give Carolina CAT equipment operators an easy and intuitive way to track time spent operating equipment at different job sites.

This application was deveoped using Ionic, and supports both iOS and Android.

Daily Aliyah

Making Torah study easier, one aliyah at a time

The goal of the Daily Aliyah app is to make keeping up with the weekly reading of the Torah easier. The app automatically shows the current reading for the day, and gives you access to the entire parshah and haftarah for that week. Simple and straightforward, just like Torah study should be.

This app was my first personal app to be published to the App Store. I developed it using Objective-C. I am pleased to say that it enjoys an average 5 star rating on the App Store. I intend to create and Android version for the Google Play Store soon.

Daily Aliyah uses the World English Bible translation, which is an open-source translation, optimized to utilize Hebrew names.


Get fit and earn points

A proof of concept app I helped build for the Citi Mobile Challenge held around the world. My team went to Jerusalem, Israel where we won the "Most Innovative Use of IBM BlueMix" category.

The CitiFit app interfaces with Apple's HealthKit and the FitBit API's to take a user's fitness activity and transform it into redeemable points. This app is optimized for use on both Android and iOS devices, it was developed using Cordova and has a robust IBM BlueMix service backend to do the heavy lifting.

Vacations in the Stratosphere

The sky is not the limit

Some accuse me of being without fear
But it's only because I vacation in the stratosphere
I don't recognize the horizon as the limit of my sight
For the future is easy to see at such a great height
How can we fear when the world is so small
When at this distance life moves at a crawl
Perhaps perspective is all we need to truly see
Sometimes we have to look for the forest to see the tree

Melody of the Soul

The wind has a voice

My soul searches for the sound of beauty
The sweet chords of an unchained melody
The promise of a peaceful respite
A beautiful refrain to send me into the night
There is nothing more melodic than thunder on a rainy day
And no other harmony like the wind rushing through the trees to carry leaves away
Truly, all of nature must sing the praise of something greater
Each raising its voice in acclaim of their creator
Why does nature evoke this response in me
A blissful repose in a beauty one must hear to see

The Nomad

Not all who wander are lost

There is a man who roams these lands
A man with dirt from a thousand nations on his hands
Known as a nomad to friends and foes
A man who leaves a mark wherever he goes
He carries his gear on his back
His life carefully stored away in an old pack
He walks ever towards the setting sun
A journey years in the making, but only just begun

I met this nomad on a hill
On land that my fathers used to till
I was held to this hill by tradition
Incapable of leaving of my own volition
Wine and sleep were my constant companion
As I lived my life with reckless abandon
The legacy of my fathers I worked to defame
Overgrown and uncared for my hill became
Until this nomad stopped at my hill to rest
He observed my life, and put me to the test
He challenged my whimsical thinking
My apathetic attitude, and heavy drinking
I was ashamed at being called to account
Seeing that my life had nothing to amount
So I listened to what he had to say
His words I remember to this day

The nomad opened my eyes to a larger world
A world of dreams and hopes unfurled
He spoke to me of moments both big and small
When he was laid low, and when he stood tall
He has destroyed and healed, loved and hated
A man oft broken, but never dominated
He has been both compassionate and heartless
Walked in the light, and crawled in the darkness
He has lived like a king, and been treated as a slave
Seen life begin, and loved ones enter the grave

The nomad spoke to me until late at night
Then rose to leave at the very first light
As the nomad left, he had this to say to me
Advice whose wisdom I can now see
"Seize your life, and set a goal!"
"Open your heart, and examine your soul"
"Decide on a code, and by it live"
"Learn to love and to forgive"
"You will experience love, pain, joy and sorrow"
"No matter what, keep hoping for tomorrow"
"You may never arrive"
"You may not attain the goal to which you strive"
"But if there is one thing I know"
"If there is one thing my life can show"
"Every single moment is a treasure"
"And it's the sum of those moments that a life is measured"
"Perfection may not be the human way"
"But there is no harm in trying everyday"

I took the nomad's words to heart
A life anew I've decided to start
So I shoulder my pack, and leave my hill
New dreams and hopes I seek to fulfill
Perhaps one day, when my journey has ended
I can care for this land that my fathers tended
For now I set my face towards the rising sun
The journey of my life is only just begun


Shadows are just the reflections of our souls

I am a shadow in the night
A creation of perfect light
I am an imitation of an entity
A reflection of another identity
Though I am a construct of light
Do not confuse me with all that is right
By imperfect man am I cast
The good and bad I hold in my grasp
But don't be alarmed when you see me in the night
For the darker I am the brighter the light

American Soldier

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave

Rows and rows of white headstones, as far as the eye can see
It's humbling that so many were willing to die just to keep me free
The American soldier, defender of freedom and the American way
Here in even rows, thousands of them lay
Never again to be clasped in their loved ones hold
On average, only two decades old
Every day I go about the business of living my life
But I never once consider their brave sacrifice
So tonight I'll go home, and kiss my wife a little harder
Sit down and play with my kids a little longer
I'll try to honor their deeds by not taking my freedom lightly
And pray for their safety from God Almighty

The Course Of Nature

In the midst of winter I found there was within me an invincible summer

The warm memory of Summer lies strewn across the earth
As the world participates in the cycle of rebirth
The allure of Autumn flits quickly through the trees
From the cold fury of Winter it quickly flees
In time the dark days will come to an end
And the new life of Spring will rule once again


If it wasn't for law enforcement and physics, I would be unstoppable

The word impossible does not belong in my vocabulary
So I try to live my life outside of that category
Life is God's gift to the human race
So why do we let it dictate the pace?
Life is too short to live halfway
We should live to bring God's kingdom every day
Life isn't about how far you can make it
But about how far you can take it
Life isn't just about the times in the spotlight
But also the times you stay up at night
Life doesn't care how many times you try to achieve
It only cares about the one time you succeed
God didn't create us to live in apathy
But rather to live confidently
So don't let life choose your destiny
Instead dare to craft a legacy


A day that will live on in infamy

Nine eleven two thousand and one
That was the day our nation's calm was undone
On that day we experienced a cowardly attack
One that was meant to break our country's back
We were shocked and saddened to a man
But determined to finish what the enemy began
We marched to war, ready to avenge
It took time, but justice was done in the end
Now here we are, just over one decade later
Slowly, but surely, we've rebuilt over that crater
The pain has faded, but our memories haven't yet
This tragic event we will not soon forget
Today we seek to honor the innocent that were lost
And we remember why freedom comes at a terrible cost
Today we will venerate the brave who keep up the fight
And at least for a moment, all of America will unite

Reposing The King

The king slumbers

Trying but failing to attain that state
The state that so many gracefully await
Reposing like a king on his throne
Every man to each his own
Sleep! Sleep! I mournfully plea
Why hast thou deserted me?
Those who slumber peacefully beware!
Do not enter this creature's lair
A terrible foe, this enemy of rest
Many a time has sleep it oppressed
Do not delay, but quickly to bed!
And hope that sleep has not yet fled
As for me, here I must remain
Until my throne I once more regain

Remorseless Flight

Do bullets like haiku's?

Smoke and gunpowder
Flashes of death in the night
Lead's remorseless flight

The Shabbat Developer

Shabbat can't come quick enough

There he sits in front of his MacBook
Gazing at the screen with an intent look
Typing commands as fast as his fingers will allow
A look of concern on his brow
A software developer, this man must be
Who else would type so furiously?
The man sits back and heaves a sigh
"So many bugs to rectify!"
He reaches again for the keyboard, but also glances at the clock
To his surprise it's almost eight o'clock!
A happy smile light's upon his face
And the worries of work slide off his plate
"Time to go!" He announces with a grin
"The Shabbat is about to begin!"

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